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Performance upgrades Porsche 911 GT3 (996)

Beyond of fast - 600 turbo HP in the GT3

The GT3 represents the pure sports car made by Porsche.
For us it was no question again develop also for this vehicle a Biturboconcept for modifications.
The proven system with turbochargers arranged behind the engine is used also here.
An air / air load air-cooling with suitable tail wing provides for thermal balance.
The individual structural alteration measures are easy to reconstruct in following outline.

3,6l Twinturbo conversion
Power: 442 kW (600 HP)  
Torque: 650 Nm  
  • 2 racing turbochargers K24
  • Stainless steel racing headers
  • Exhaust system with sport catalytic converters
  • Modified titanium rods
  • Turbo pistons for reduced compression ratio 9,2:1
  • Intercooler with rearwing
  • Modified oilcooling system
  • Reinforced fuelpump
  • All parts in aluminium or stainless steel
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