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The fundamental function of the air cleaner consists of the fact that it must supply as pure an intake air as possible to the engine.
That the series air cleaner in faithful fulfilling of its obligation sometimes beyond its target and the intake air stream brakes is well-known.
Remedy sport air cleaners create from the surrounding field of the formula 1 come.
High-sensitive running units such as F1 of engines do not get along any longer without air cleaners, since heavy damage would cause even smallest dirt particle.
The filters used by TTP were won by BMC with the same technology manufactured as the BMC F1 air cleaner with that 2001 the WM.
Apart from the standard program for many motor vehicle types particularly for TTP turbo-engines developed air cleaners are produced by BMC.
By free breath the engine more air is supplied, the filling level rises and the increased output is inevitable.
The BMC sport air cleaner is an important building block for all resuming Tuning measures.

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