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Power Kits for Porsche Boxster 986 and Boxster/ Cayman 987/1
up to model 2008

Since it's presentation in 1998 the mid engine sportscar of Porsche has a fixed position in the market of its class.

The ethusiasts call for more power was heard by Porsche, but not transformed in a way as the excellent handling of this sportscar would allow.

In the course of years the power rised up from 204 HP to 290 HP. But this, still leaves open wishes for more performance.

Already in 1998 TTP has developed a 300 HP twinturbosystem for the Boxster 2,5 under the brand name Lotec.
For the models Boxster 986 3,2 and 987 3,4 TTP developed turbokits up to 470 HP.

Boxster/Cayman twinturbo engine

Beside the charged power kits, TTP has a wide range of tuning options for normal aspirated engines up to 400 HP.

Boxster/Cayman 3.8L engine

An economic alternative to a normal aspirated tuning and a turboconversion is the installation of a superchargersystem.
A supercharger engine units the advantages of a nornal aspirated engine and a turboengine.

Boxster/Cayman supercharged engine

On the one hand, the supercharger helps to a spontaneus response without turbolag, on the other hand we have a high torque from low revs up to the final speed. more info

The concept of the TTP supercharger system needs no optical changes outside the car.

Technical details:

Boxster 2.5/2.7   Boxster 3.2   Boxster/Cayman 3.4

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