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TTP Sportheaders for Porsche cars



for 993 Turbo


for all 996 Turbos

20 HP more power


for all Carrera 996

13 HP more power


for all Carrera 997

12 HP more power

Parts No.
TTP 986 404 001
TTP 986 404 002
TTP 986 404 003
TTP 996 404 001
TTP 996 404 002
TTP 996 404 003
TTP 996 404 004

Headers Boxster 2.5
Headers Boxster 2.7
Headers Boxster 3.2
Headers Carrera 2/4 996 3.4
Headers Carrera 2/4 996 3.6
Headers Carrera GT3
Headers 996 Turbo

The TTP headers are designed after careful engine tests at the test stand and on the road for reliable continuous operation.
Both with suction engines and with turbo engines clear increases in output are obtained by the co-ordinated pipe lengths and diameters.
The high-quality headers made of stainless steel are to be installed without further modifications in the vehicle.
They are an important building block for further increases in output.
Sport exhaust systems and electronics optimizations bring considerable results in combination.

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