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Increasing the power of an internal combustion engine via the installation of a supercharger was already state of the art 90 years ago.
It is possible to increase the aerial volume of the engine in comparison to its cubic capacity by installing a supercharger.

A linear boost in engine speed can be achieved by the direct connection between the engine pulley and the supercharger, utilizing a belt.
The result of this system is two-fold: high power at low engine speed, as well as a linear torque course, up to maximum revs.

With the application of modern technologies, this system is still state of the art to this day.

At the core of the TTP supercharger system is a high-speed radial compressor driven by a belt.
A gear with a 1:15 transmission allows a turbine speed of 130,000 rpm without any issues.

All rotary components are equipped with ceramic hybrid bearings, and guarantee long-term durability.

The lubrication of the supercharger is connected to the oil circulation system of the engine, with oil return back into the oil pan.

The boost pressure is fixed by a special boost-control technology.
This allows maximum boost at lower revs and a limitation of the boost at maximum revs.

Boxster/Cayman supercharger system

The special construction of the unit provides low background noise.
Whistling or grinding noises are a thing of the past, as an automatic clutch disconnects the belt drive at idle speed.

TTP supercharger kits for Porsche fit all engines of the following models: Carrera 996/997-1, Boxster 986/987-1 and Cayman 987-1.

The system is equipped with a liquid intercooler within the intake manifold.
This space-saving, compact technology cares for thermal stability under all conditions.

The entire conversion requires no external modifications to the car.

The TTP compressor engine includes high-power, moderate fuel consumption and low emissions.

By the application of HJS metal monoliths, emissions are street-legal.

Technical details:

911 Carrera 996 3,4   911 Carrera 996 3,6   911 Carrera 997 3,6/ 3,8  

Boxster 2.5/2.7   Boxster 3.2   Boxster/Cayman 3.4

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