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History of TTP Automotive GmbH Turbo Technik Pietz
The company was founded in Kolbermoor, Germany in the early 1980's by Ferdinand Pietz. It began under a license agreement with the Lotec racing team.

Through the 1980's, 1990's, and up to 1999 the Pietz / Lotec team was one of the world's leading tuning companies; with numerous turbo projects for Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari and Porsche cars.

In 1991 the World Record for street legal sportscars equipped with catalytic converters was made at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA. The car was based on a Ferrari Testarossa with a twin turbo engine developed by Ferdinand Pietz. This car made history as the Lotec Colani testa D'oro.

"Sport Auto Reader Selection 2002" - "Tuner GP 2002"

Lotec Colani Testa D'Oro

In 1997 the Pietz / Lotec team won the Sport Auto Tuner Grand Prix award, and in 1998 we were given the Sport Auto Reader Selection award.
Numerous test reports published in international technical magazines demonstrated the reliable concepts for charged engines developed by Pietz.
In 1999 the Lotec license agreement was allowed to expire. Pietz continued the company tradition under his own namesake TTP, building high tech turbo engines for his customers.
In November 2000, a Gemballa Porsche GT3 turbo with TTP engine broke the World Record at Nuerburgring, with a lap time set at 7:32 min. This World Record proved the engineering expertise and tuning concepts of the TTP team.
Recognition of Pietz tuning expertise continued, as TTP received the award of Sport Auto Reader Selection in 2001 and again in 2002.

Porsche GT2 with TTP performance step III - 630 PS

TTP provides tuning concepts for current Porsche rear-engine and mid-engine models. Turbo conversions are available with the TTP designed liquid intercooling system. This makes it possible to create a high power turbo engine without requiring modification to the body. The classic lines of the Porsche vehicle are not disturbed.

Porsche 996 TTP twinturbo with liquid intercooler
Emissions compliance has always been one of our most important goals.

We maintain an engineering & development department equipped with dyno, emissions analysis and reprogramming systems for the ECU.

SL 55 AMG with TTP performance upgrade

The potential of TTP does not stop with Porsche cars.

Following our company's tradition, we have turbo concepts for Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and VW.

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